Mental Health/Trauma

Teaching Students Who Are Disturbed and Disturbing

The new edition of this valuable resource has been revised and updated to reflect recent changes in the education of students who have emotional and behavioral disorders.  This edition is intended to refocus the instruction of disturbed and disturbing students while accommodating the current realities of classroom teaching. Interventions are examined through case studies, activities, and examples. The first unit ...

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Webinar: Protecting Children with Disabilities from Abuse: Strategies for Grades K-7

In collaboration with the Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness (DCDD) Children with disabilities experience abuse at rates three to four times higher than their nondisabled peers. As children age, their risk for abuse changes as they interact with more people in increasingly diverse contexts. Given the significant, lifelong, negative impact of abuse on children’s learning potential, social behaviors, and ...

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Transition of Secondary Students with EBD, Second Edition

Addressing the successes students with emotional or behavioral disorders find within self-determined, normative settings, Transition of Secondary Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders establishes a clear design for a variety of education programs, settings, and perspectives to attain success. For educators, juvenile justice managers, mental health providers, vocational rehabilitation services and more, the lessons learned from this book’s contributors emphasize ...

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