Positive Alternatives to Restraint and Seclusion for Aggressive Kids

Positive Alternatives to Restraint and Seclusion for Aggressive Kids is a system for referral, assessment, planning and intervention with aggressive kids that reduces the use of restraint and seclusion. Document serious behaviors, examine the student’s need for self-regulation skills, choose from lessons, activities and strategies to develop self-regulation skills and track behavior improvement. The manual addresses emotional and behavioral self-control, ...

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Transition of Secondary Students with EBD, Second Edition

Addressing the successes students with emotional or behavioral disorders find within self-determined, normative settings, Transition of Secondary Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders establishes a clear design for a variety of education programs, settings, and perspectives to attain success. For educators, juvenile justice managers, mental health providers, vocational rehabilitation services and more, the lessons learned from this book’s contributors emphasize ...

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Child and Adolescent Suicidal Behavior: School-Based Prevention

Meeting a crucial need, this book distills the best current knowledge on child and adolescent suicide prevention into comprehensive guidelines for school-based practitioners. The author draws on extensive research and clinical experience to provide best-practice recommendations for developing schoolwide prevention programs, conducting risk assessments, and intervening at different levels of intensity with students at risk. Also presented are postvention procedures ...

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